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Marine And Environmental Science Campers Race In A Recycle Regatta


When students pack up and leave for summer, college campuses may seem desolate, but at Florida Tech, the students are quickly replaced by young campers. One camp in particular is the Marine and Environmental Science Camp which specializes in teaching oceanography, ocean engineering, environmental science, marine science, and meteorology through hands-on activities.


A group of teenagers in freshly tie-dyed shirts noisily enter their classroom for today's lesson about ocean engineering. The students seem eager to participate in the interactive lecture, enthusiastically raising their hands to answer questions.

The students are willing to accept the challenges of boat building using various supplies such as soda cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard. The only rules for building the boats were: the boats must fit inside a 1 by 3 foot piece of Tupperware, and she must have a name.

After an hour of construction, the students raced the boats against each other in the recycle regatta. The day of boat building was thrilling for the students. The Marine and Environmental Science Camp may have given the world a few future ocean engineers.

For more information, visit http://blogs.fit.edu/blog/category/academics/marine-environmental/dmes-summer-camp/.