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Learn more about world cultures as brought to us by the diversity of our Florida Tech international student community. Tune in to our International Student Spotlights hosted by EJ Castor.

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EJ Castor

Dr. Genaro Pelayo, a medical doctor, serving in the Mexican Army as a Captain, and scheduled for promotion in September to the rank of Major, stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in an International Student Spotlight. Dr. Pelayo is stationed in Mexico City, Mexico. Dr.

Kathy Villegas, born in Colombia and raised in Chicago, Illinois, is a graduate student in the Global Strategic Communication program at the Florida Tech main campus.

Angel Vasquez

In honor of Pakistan's Independence Day on 14 August, this week's International Student Spotlight features Ashhar Hanfi from Pakistan.  Ashhar is  is an undergraduate student majoring in Sustainability in the Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences and works as a Facility Attendant at the Clemente Center.  Ashhar's passion towards his major in Sustainability really comes through in his discussion with EJ Castor, program host, as does his love for his country, Pakistan.

Angel Vasquez

Tatjana Jemmott, from Barbados and a Florida Tech international student majoring in Electrical Engineering, stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in an International Student Spotlight hosted by EJ Castor.  Tatjana was born in Manhattan, New York.  However, as a child, her parents moved back to Barbados.  She is looking forward to working in the Fiber Optics industry upon graduating next Spring (2016). [Interview scheduled to air on 5 Aug 2015].

Angel Vasquez

Daniel Ata-Diaz, majoring in Pre-Med at Florida Tech, stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in an International Student Spotlight.  He spoke with EJ Castor, program host, about the many activities he's involved in, such at the Student Government Association.  Daniel is interested in pursuing medicine in order to help those in need.  He is following his father's footsteps who is a doctor in Venezuela.  During the interview, he also discussed his family's history. On his father's side, his family is originally from Lebanon and retained their mother tongue, Arabic.