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Mozart's Attic - Thursday, Aug. 20th at 10:00 pm

Joseph Haydn
Joseph Haydn

It's an All-Baroque program on Mozart's Attic this week. We'll look at music from a number of places in western Europe written by composers who were active from the 1600s through  the mid-1700s, the period that took us from the end of the Renaissance to the new styles of Haydn, Mozart, and their peers.

The century-and-a-half -- or thereabouts -- that comprised the Baroque period saw a great foment in music as musicians listened to the tremendous variety of sounds and techniques heard throughout the continent, assimilated what they heard, and took it a step further -- each in his own way.

We'll look at music from a number of composers. Some you know well, others may be a bit less familiar. All had something to say in their own musical languages.

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