Florida Tech Faculty and Staff Profile Features Dr. Andy Stanfield

Dec 11, 2015

Dr. Andy Stanfield is the Assistant Vice President for Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation, as well an an Adjunct Professor in the Humanities Department.  Prior to arriving at Florida Tech, he pursued a Doctoral Degree in Instructional Design and Development and upon graduation, he eventually made his way to our Florida Tech campus (via South Dakota).  Dr. Stanfield's true passion is his music.  He plays the bass guitar as a member of the Florida Tech staff band, "Twitchy." He is also a member in a local rock band called "Slackadaisicals," where he plays instrumental guitar, bass guitar, and is also a lead singer.  On a daily basis, he releases an electronic instrumental track on SoundTrack.  You can locate his work on AKStanfield@Twitter.com. 

Dr. Andy Stanfield, performing with Twitchy, the Florida Tech staff band
Credit Florida Tech Faculty