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Florida Wildlife Hospital Offers Adoption Opportunities for Those Who "Have Everything"

Adopt-an-Ambassador Program

Need a gift for that person who has everything? Adopt one or more of our Educational Ambassadors! Choose one of our five owls, a Kestrel, a Gopher Tortoise, a Box Turtle, or our Red Rat Snake and help provide food, training, housing and medical care. Adoptive parents will receive a photograph of their animal, certificate of adoption, a fact sheet about the species, and an email invitation to any public event where their ambassador will be appearing. Adoptions are for a one-year period; multi-year adoptions are also available.  More info

The Florida Wildlife Hospital & Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to Florida's wildlife in need. 


The Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary is open 365 days a year to admit wildlife patients. We see many declining species that are of special concern, including the sandhill crane, the gopher tortoise, and the osprey. 



We care for almost 5,000 patients per year. 


Terri Wright has held the position of General Manager at WFIT since 1998.