A fun event at Wickham Park.  Bring the kids and the pets. You can sign up to run your dog on the lure course, meet our ambassador animals and start your holiday shopping with the fun raffle items and vendors.  Free and open to all.  Supporting The Florida Wildlife Hospital.


It's mid-November, but if your AC is still running, can it really be fall?. The seasons of the year unfold differently in Florida than in most other places. In Europe, two composers took  a look at the calendar and came up with statements of their own. Vivaldi and Haydn complain about the weather this Thursday night up in the attic.

It was a hundred years ago next Sunday that the Armistice went into effect ending what was then called The Great War. This week we'll look at some of the American popular music from World War I, using the actual 78 RPM pressings from that time. When the doughboys went to war, Tin Pan Alley went right along with them - yet there were differences in the mood of the music as the war went on. The differences are subtle, you have to listen for them, and that's what we shall do.


Get a taste of what’s up in space this Nov 15, 6PM at the Standard Collective in the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD). Join NASA engineers and pioneers of urban farming at the Verdi EcoSchool in celebrating a new frontier for how we plant, grow, and eat food in space. 

Attendees will get to taste the same plants astronauts graze on up in space today. The plants are an important part of solving for “food fatigue” for astronauts spending hundreds of days away from Earth.