The Children’s Hunger Project is partnering with Brevard Public Schools to bridge the weekend food gap and we will continue to feed children by providing weekend food at designated schools. Schools offer food distribution M_F and The Children’s Hunger Project  joins BPS' efforts, providing weekend food packages on Fridays.  To volunteer to pack or deliver food or make a donation 

Great news WFIT’s Makin the Music Program is back! Donated instruments are refurbished and given to aspiring young musicians.  If you have a musical instrument that is gathering dust in a closet, put it to good use making music through our local school music programs.  For more information or to donate please call us at (321)674-8950.  Help make a budding musician’s dream come true, and give that instrument a chance to make some beautiful music again.

Zoo officials in Brevard County are caring for a black bear cub that was abandoned by its mother in the Ocala National Forest.

Wildlife officers found the cub on a dirt road in late February. They looked for its mother but she never returned.

The cub was taken to the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne where officials are taking care of it.

Because it was abandoned at such an early age, it won’t be able to be released into the wild.

The cub is about six weeks old and is being fed every four hours.