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The Lucy Show: Favorite Album of 2020

David McClister

Lucinda Williams “Good Souls Better Angels”


I wanted to choose an entire album, as between this, and the Pretenders, we have masters that are back at the very top of their game. I wouldn’t say one is even better than the other.

In particular, this album makes me long for live music or a good old roadhouse. Here is a very brief summary of the mood of the songs:

“You Can’t Rule Me”
Very expressive of the pace of the times. It grabs your attention, and causes hope to someday see a live version of this performance.

“Bad News Blues”
A Bob Dylanesqe groove

“Man Without A Soul”
This track pours like honey.

“Big Black Train”
A haunting number that catches one like a deer in headlights.

“Wakin’ Up”
Straight up tribal & fierce

“Pray The Devil Back To Hell”
Mesmerizing, like staring into a large bonfire.

“Shadows & Doubts”
It has the tones of a hymn.

“When The Way Gets Dark”
It has the comforts of a lullaby.

“Bone Of Contention”
This belongs in the realm of Patti Smith, rock marries poetry.

“Down Past The Bottle”
Thick, effective, crunchy

“Big Rotator”
Layered beautifully, if only Jim Morrison could join her on this track.

“Good Souls”
Hung on every word.