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Blues With A Twist - Top 20 Albums of 2023

It was a great year for blues music, so it was hard to narrow them down...here's my top 20 blues albums for 2023.

  1. Chris Beard, Pass It On Down - Song - Son I Never Knew
  2. Al Basile, B’s Time. Song - I Really Miss You
  3. Blackburn Brothers - SoulFunkn’Blues, Song - Soul Brother
  4. Big Harp George, Got My Spirit Loose, Song - Give Me The Dark
  5. Blood Brothers, Blood Brothers, Song - Hey Sweet Mama
  6. Coco Montoya, Writing On The Wall, Song - I Was Wrong
  7. The Dig 3, The Dig 3, Song - All The Love That I Got
  8. Deuce ’N’ A Quarte, Keep Moving On. Song - Doing Wrong
  9. Don Flemons, Traveling Wildfire, Song - Old Desert Road
  10. EG Kight, Sticks & Strings, Song - My Baby’s Hiding Something
  11. Eric Bibb, Ridin’, Song - I Got My Own
  12. Eric Johnson, The Deep And The Dirty, Song - She Is The Song
  13. The Gayle Harrod Band Band, Temptation, Song - Waiting in the Shadows or Sweet Memphis Man
  14. Jim “Primetime” Smith & Bob Corritore, The World In A Jug, Song - I Got The World In A Jug
  15. Joanna Conner, Best Of Me, Song - Pain And Pleasure or Highway Child
  16. Monster Mike Welch, Nothing But Time, Song - Walking To You Baby
  17. The Nick Moss Band Featuring Dennis Gruenling, Song - Get Your Back Into It!
  18. The Teskey Brothers, The Winding Way, Song - Rich Man
  19. Tom Buenger, Blues From Caucasia. Song - That Ain’t Right
  20. Willie C. Campbell, Be Cool, Song - Devil On My Shoulder or You Better Let Go

Sister Mary acquired her love for the Blues from her Dad who loved Swing / Jump Blues.  Sister Mary has fond memories of doing the jitterbug with her Dad in their living room.  According to Sister Mary, the main reason she started volunteering at WFIT was because she loved the blues shows so much.  Now, she is able to create her own playlists and really loves doing it.  She's also had a wonderful time in helping other WFIT DJs create Playlists for their shows.