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Nutrients Without Limits, an organization dedicated to teaching children about nutrition and healthy eating

Our Mission

For the last 100 years, all students have been taught subjects such as math, reading, science, etc, but almost 50% of elementary school don't mandate nutrition education, a vital factor to their overall future health, as these habits kids develop at a young age is likely to follow in the future. Nutrients Without Limits is an organization dedicated to teaching children about nutrition and healthy eating especially at Title-1 schools.

Nutrients Without Limits is a passionate and forward-thinking organization committed to championing nutrition literacy among students in schools. Our mission is to empower the youth with the understanding and capabilities to make informed, healthy dietary choices and lay the groundwork for a lifelong journey of wellness.

At Nutrients Without Limits, we firmly believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of nutritional empowerment. We engage with schools across all levels, from elementary to high school, conducting interactive and captivating workshops on nutrition. Our team comprises seasoned nutritionists and educators who spearhead these workshops, ensuring that students gain practical insights into understanding balanced diets, the importance of various nutrients, meal planning, and cultivating healthy eating habits. Recognizing the diverse needs across age groups, our curriculum is meticulously tailored to address the specific nutritional needs of each grade level. For younger students, we focus on the basics of nutrition, food groups, and making healthy choices, while for older students, we delve deeper into topics such as macronutrients, mindful eating, and the impact of nutrition on mental health.

Our approach transcends theoretical knowledge. We connect nutritional concepts to real-life scenarios, making it relatable and comprehensible for students. Through hands-on activities and engaging demonstrations, we equip them with the skills required to make informed dietary decisions as they progress through different life stages. Complementing our in-person workshops, we offer a treasure trove of online resources, including articles, videos, and interactive tools, enabling students and educators to continue their nutritional education journey beyond the classroom. Nutrients Without Limits also organizes contests and challenges, fostering practical application of acquired knowledge, instilling confidence, and celebrating their nutritional endeavors.

Community engagement forms the bedrock of our mission. We actively collaborate with parents, educators, and school administrations to reinforce the significance of nutrition education. We provide resources for parents to further discussions at home and encourage schools to integrate nutrition literacy into their curriculum. Beyond the school confines, Nutrients Without Limits advocates for enhanced nutrition education both locally and nationally. We collaborate with policymakers, educational institutions, and allied organizations to advocate for the inclusion of nutrition literacy in school curricula.

Partnering with Nutrients Without Limits allows schools and communities to ensure that their students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make wholesome dietary choices, steering them toward a path of lifelong well-being. Our commitment to promoting nutrition literacy is an investment in fostering a generation that is healthy, informed, and empowered.


Nutrients Without Limits is a community-based organization in Brevard County aiming to provide nutritional educational resources to children especially at Title-1 schools. 

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For any questions, send an email to nutrientswithoutlimits@gmail.com

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