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Free Online Class Understanding Media, Facts Authority and What We Believe



This course, intended for adults without a media literacy or research background, will examine how social media and news influence our thoughts, our feelings, and our votes without us ever realizing it. Students will learn more about confirmation bias, how we derive authority, fact-checking, and how presentation can alter the meaning of a story. After completing this course, students will have a better understanding of media and media literacy.



  • To illustrate how media influences what we believe;
  • To learn about authority, and how it's derived;
  • To recognize how media messages can be manipulated;
  • To identify when fact-checking is necessary.

  Understanding Media is the second massive, open, online course offered by FL Tech's Evans Library.  The free 4 week course will cover topics such as fact checking, confirmation bias and media presentation.  Focus will center on understanding and utilizing the crowded media environment from traditional news to Facebook.

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