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FL Tech Students Chosen as International Emerging Space Leaders


The Society

The Astrobiological Research and Education Society serves as a collective of scholars within the field of Astrobiology; to promote and facilitate scientific research about life beyond Earth’s boundaries, and convey developed scientific knowledge to the general public. This can include both the astronomical research of exoplanets with potential to support life, as well as performing exoecological research of Earth-based organisms and processes that can support human exploration into farther reaches of the cosmos.

The Chapter

The purpose of an individual Chapter within the Society, is to provide a gathering point for Biology-focused scholars within Space Sciences, independent of, but in fellowship with presently existing Space Sciences organizations. The Chapter leads the promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation between Space Science scholars and other relevant disciplines, to promote fellowship and further scientific growth.

Astrobiological Research and Education Society  is a student led, research-oriented organization at FIT that conducts studies on space exploration, human habitation, astrobiology, and planetary science. Three of their members Hannah Blackburn, David Masaitis, and Nathan Hadland are going to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah for two weeks in February, which is a Mars human habitation analog facility. We are part of Crew 205, the International Emerging Space Leaders, which is composed of scientists and engineers from various countries around the world where we will be conducting studies on leadership in austere, extraterrestrial environments.  For more information.

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