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Lagoon Minute-Fertilizer



Grab your towel and sunscreen – but hold the fertilizer! Did you know that Brevard County and its cities restrict fertilizing from June 1 to September 30? This not only helps the Lagoon, it saves you money. During the summer rainy season, fertilizer on grass, turf and lawns washes into streets and drains, making its way to our Indian River Lagoon and other waterways. The nitrogen and phosphorus  in fertilizer contribute to algae blooms and poor water quality.  Major algae blooms block the sun, which can cause the death of seagrass, plants, fish and other animals. If you just can’t resist fertilizing, be sure to buy products with ZERO nitrogen and ZERO phosphorus – it’s the law in Brevard County. 

Better yet, put down the fertilizer and put your feet up – have a relaxing summer and Help the Lagoon!

more info www.helpthelagoon.org     

Terri Wright has held the position of General Manager at WFIT since 1998.