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Lagoon Minute - Seahorses



Did you know there are 47 types of seahorses and they are considered fish? Three types of Seahorses [the Lined, the Longsnout and the Dwarf] once cavorted in the sea grass beds of the Indian River Lagoon. These unusual creatures range from the size of a lentil bean to the length of a banana. They are monogamous and greet their partner every morning with a special dance that may involve changing color – as a way of bonding and celebrating each other. And instead of females, the male seahorses carry the developing seahorse embryos in a kangaroo-like pouch

With diminished sea grass beds and poor water quality they have become rare. But there is hope; there are experiments for reseeding the Seahorses after the sea grass beds rebound in our recovering Lagoon.

for more info: www.helpthelagoon.org

Terri Wright has held the position of General Manager at WFIT since 1998.