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Lagoon Minute - Fertilizer Ban Reminder


Fertilizer Restrictions

Do Not Use Fertilizer June 1 – September 30

It is against the law to apply fertilizer to your lawn in the City of Melbourne from June 1 through September 30. This regulation was enacted in order to keep harmful nutrients found in fertilizer from washing off from lawns into storm drains and ultimately into the Indian River during the rainy summer months.

Additional Restrictions


  • A ban on the use of fertilizer within 15 feet of any surface waters, including, ponds, streams, watercourses, lakes, canals, or wetlands (the previous fertilizer-free zone was 10 feet).
  • The percentage of slow release nitrogen content in any fertilizer used must be at least 50%.
  • Only phosphate-free fertilizer may be used (with certain exceptions).
  • A low-maintenance zone of 25 feet adjacent to surface waters must be planted and managed in order to minimize the need for fertilization, watering and mowing.

Have your soil tested by the Brevard County Extension Office to find out what type of nutrients your yard needs and the proper amount to be applied. Visit the Brevard County Extension Office website or call (321) 633-1702. Always use fertilizer according to packaging directions.  

Report Violations

If you witness a commercial lawn service using fertilizer during the ban, give us a call at (321) 608-7341. We’d be happy to educate them about the City’s ordinance.



Penalties include a fine of $200 for violating this ordinance.

Terri Wright has held the position of General Manager at WFIT since 1998.