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How dog waste effects the IRL

Dog Waste

Let’s talk about poop! More specifically, dog poop and how not picking up after your furry friend can be bad for the Lagoon. The average dog generates about 2 pounds of poop every few days. The poop, left unattended can take weeks to months to break down. Rain washes it into storm drains and eventually into the Lagoon. This contributes to fecal and nutrient pollution. As a side note, dog poop has more fecal matter than human waste! And even just a small amount of dog poop can have an impact on water quality. So remember, when walking your dog – scoop it, bag it, and trash it! Another incentive to pick up after your dog – you can gain points through the Lagoon Loyal program by purchasing and using biodegradable pet pickup bags. Which can then be used for rewards at local businesses! Check out the link our on website to find out more!


Lagoon Loyal Program