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The Modern Space Suit


Space Minute PSA Series #7: Space Suit

When it comes time to buy your ticket into outer space – a distinct possibility in the not-so distant future – Florida Institute of Technology researchers have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be wearing on your way to zero gravity.

That’s because the university has use of a working, modern spacesuit. The spacesuit is essential for the school’s research in developing a universal flight deck made specifically for space tourism.

Researchers say understanding a person’s dexterity and visibility while inside a space suit are extremely important when doing research about flight decks.

The suit provides a head-to-toe pressurized environment that protects the body from any loss of cabin pressure. Unlike spacesuits used by NASA astronauts, however, it’s much lighter and can be worn more than once and by more than one person. 

By understanding how humans will interact with the vehicle while wearing safety gear, engineers can design more user friendly, safe and comfortable vehicles.

Captain Winston Scott is a retired U.S. Navy fighter pilot and astronaut who flew on two space shuttle missions and walked in space three times. He’s now an administrator and faculty member at the Florida Institute of Technology. More information on Space Minutes at wfit.org.

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