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Space Slosh


Space Minute PSA Series #9: Space Slosh

Whether it’s the 16-ounce water bottle you take on your morning jog or a rocket with thousands of gallons of fuel, the way that liquid sloshes around can have an impact.

Scientists and students at Florida Institute of Technology, working with colleagues at NASA and researchers at M-I-T, designed an experiment that allows them to study how liquids move around inside containers in microgravity.

The experiment involves placing a container with liquid into a cradle of sorts which recreates the intense motion of a rocket in space.

This whole setup was honored as one of the top three space station experiments of 2013. It was taken to the International Space Station in 2014.

The data collected from this unique experiment can be applied to planning orbital missions, and a deeper understanding of how rocket fuel moves around in tanks may allow for safer space travel.

Captain Winston Scott is a retired U.S. Navy fighter pilot and astronaut who flew on two space shuttle missions and walked in space three times. He’s now an administrator and faculty member at the Florida Institute of Technology. More information on Space Minutes at wfit.org.

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