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Brevard Gets a Materials Recovery Facility

Recycling in Brevard will be more efficient with the opening of a new Materials Recovery Facility.  Now rather than trucking our recyclables out of the county for sorting, the materials will be processed right here at home saving your tax dollars.

Solid Waste Management Department's Central Disposal Facility

Tour Information

Landfill TourThe Central Disposal Facility (CDF) is located on Adamson Road in Cocoa. The property was first used for solid waste disposal in the 1960's.  Since then the County has continued to make improvements operationally and environmentally.

For example, the 192-acre permitted landfill area is lined by a clay slurry wall, groundwater monitoring wells have been installed and a methane gas collection and flare system is in place.  The site originally consisted of 285 acres and now totals 957 acres.

Portions of the landfill have been closed by capping it with a liner, two feet of cover dirt and sod.  It is estimated Brevard County will have enough landfill capacity to handle the disposal needs for the county until 2015.  In addition to the landfill area itself, there are many other areas within the landfill which emphasize waste reduction and environmental protection.

For information on the landfill call Solid Waste Operations at (321) 633-1888.

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