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SCPA Hosts Youth Summit March 1st


Youth Summit

March 1, 2018 / 6:30 P.M.

LOCATION: Front Street Civic Center,

2205 Front St., Melbourne, FL 32901 


The Space Coast Progressive Alliance invites you to enjoy, and participate in, a special event that features young people from across our community.  Please come to the Brevard Youth Summit  that will encourage leadership and discussion through debate and dialogue among a group of inspiring young people representing a range of diverse interests.

Whether economically, environmentally, socially, or politically, we believe our youth have the ability to engage in problem solving strategies and propose solutions to the issues that will be discussed on the day of the event.

The discussion will be in the form of a - Socratic Seminar  - with a selected mediator. The audience will observe and have an opportunity to provide questions. The discussion will be free flowing between the selected youth only based on the topic selected by the youth organizers. 

These young people will be provided with the topics in advance for research and preparation opportunities. The Brevard Youth Summit hopes to promote dialogue among young people in our community, and to find solutions to problems that our elected leaders in Tallahassee and Washington just can’t seem to solve 

Possible Topics (To be selected by the students in advance):

• Renewable Energy vs. Oil Companies

• Immigration Opportunities vs. Immigration Threats

• Majority Power vs. Minority Rights

• Gun Control vs. Constitutional Rights

• Global Warming vs. Economic Opportunities

• U.S. Global Leadership vs. U.S. Global Domination

• Dumping into Indian River Lagoon

• Healthcare Solutions

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