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On The Flipside: Dave Grooms, RIP.

It is with great sadness that I tell you that our dear friend Dave Grooms passed away early morning June 24. Dave was 64 years old.

Dave already had quite an interesting life prior to my meeting him about 23 years ago. But I'm going to start when we met...
he loved to sing the music of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and others. Does it matter fact he was known as “Grateful Dave” or “ hippie Dave”.


Dave wandered into our coffeehouse Kool Beanz looking for a gig, And he ended up finding a home, away from home. He would teach us all about the grateful dead, and in turn he and I would create the very successful Jerry Daze concert series (our collaborative artwork for the event in photos). A tribute to the late Jerry Garcia, that raise funds for various causes the 11 times that we put on this program over the past 20 years. Dave and I and our friends did a lot of good, and I’m very proud of that. He has also joined me on the air a number of times over the years.

Tonight on “ on the FlipSide”, with Java John, we will pay tribute to our dear friend.

Throughout the program I will play for you some of his songs, and music from some of his favorite artists including, of course the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, Bob Marley, David Crosby, Levon Helm, and much more.

During the middle part of the program, some of Dave’s dear friends have sent audio messages to Dave. I will share those with you, as well as some of their music. And Dave’s of course!

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