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John Hall, David Hoffman, and Mark Andes interviews On The Flipside, Monday July 19th


I am very pleased to share with everyone along with some great music, portions of two new interviews that I have done in recent weeks, this coming Monday night, July 19.

In the first hour I will share with you some of the conversation that I had several weeks ago with John Hall, former Congressman, founder of the band Orleans, and friend of mine for several decades. We discuss a number of his songs, including tracks from his fantastic new solo album “Reclaiming my Time”. Some portions from the interview will also be shared in the future.


In the third hour of this coming Monday’s On the FlipSide with Java John, I will feature highlights from an interview I had with veteran independent documentary filmmaker and historian, and all around mensch - David Hoffman.

I started watching David’s videos on YouTube a couple months ago, I found a very interesting because they touched on subjects that I find compelling : The 1950s, the 1960s, the Vietnam war, the coming computer rage, and music. I also recognized his work from public television broadcasts, and the like.

Early in his 60yr career, David created a seven minute film short in the early 60s. A simple concept of a young 10yr old Juilliard piano student, having her old piano removed from her 3rd floor apartment, and a new piano being installed, in NYC. This film, is absolutely beautiful. He turned this concept into a real piece of art. If you watch the video, tell him I sent you!!

Later David would pull together BB King and a Joan Baez, to perform at a concert in Sing Sing prison, from which he made a very compelling documentary. This Monday night I will share some of the conversation I had with this extraordinary gentleman, and some music related to him.

I called on David for an interview, but it ended up being we interviewed each other. David Hoffman, is currently creating one of his films about me, Java John! That wasn’t what I had in mind when I requested the interview, but I’m certainly on board with it! We had a very fun interview, and I’m looking very much forward to seeing the finished product on his YouTube page in the coming weeks!


One more thing, if time allows, I should be able to interject a brief bit of my coming interview (this weekend) with Mark Andes founder of (my fave band) Spirit; JoJo Gunne; & Firefall. He was also a long time member of Heart through their 1980’s era.

Firefall, and Orleans both have Florida Tour dates in the coming months, beginning this week! (Visit their websites for details). In September two bands will return to share the stage with Pure Prairie League at the King Center in Melbourne !!

Thank you all for your time!

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On The Flipside, this Monday JULY 19th, 2021, 7-10pm.

I love art and music, and I love to create art that relates to music.