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Robotic Summer Camp


In this program, participants are going to be introduced to robots and their applications. The introduction to robotics camp will include: a demonstration of the robots in use in the Robotics and Spatial Systems Lab (RASSL), guided construction of a custom robot arm, and mentoring from RASSL members.  More info

Each participant will assemble their own individual robot and will learn to control it using a tablet. The participants will be organized into teams and each team will be assigned a mission to accomplish. Participants will program and control their robots to help their team accomplish its mission. The camp will culminate in a Robot Showcase in which the teams demonstrate their robots in action and to accomplish their assigned mission. At the end of the camp the participants will take home their robots and tablets.

This course includes:

  1. An overview of robotic arms used in the manufacturing industry.
  2. Basic robotics knowledge; how it all works.
  3. Building your own robotic arm from a do it yourself (DIY) kit.
  4. Interfacing between software and hardware for the robotic arm kit.
  5. Lunches, materials, tools, instruction and adventure.

Every participant will leave with:

  1. A brand new robot arm with tablet interface.
  2. A basic knowledge of robotic arms.
  3. An experience with robotics software and mechanics.
  4. Live demonstration experiences with the robots in use in the Robotics and Spatial Systems Lab (RASSL) at the Florida Institute of Technology.
  5. A cool t-shirt.

The aims and objectives of the Intro to Robotics Summer Camp program are:

  • The participants are going to learn the basics of robots and how they work.
  • Basic skills to interpret design blueprints, wire a robotic system (with instructions) and assemble a mechanical robotic arm from a kit.
  • To develop critical thinking skills and team work by using a robotic arm as a platform to accomplish a specified mission.
  • To inspire and entice bright, young minds to bring their ideas to life through robotics.
  • To show how robotics combines all aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in an exciting, adventurous, and scientific environment.
Terri Wright has held the position of General Manager at WFIT since 1998.