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Florida students walkout in protest of laws that restrict the teaching of LGBTQ, Black history

High school and college students across Florida will walk out of their classrooms in protest of legislation that restricts what they can learn in school.

The walkouts on Friday, April 21 are in protest of the Stop Woke Act and the Parental Rights in Education Law that restrict the teaching of Black and LGBTQ history in K-12 classrooms.

Orlando Democratic Rep. Anna Eskamani said it’s crucial that Gen Z make their voices heard as she says the Republican majority legislature and governor are trying to silence them out of fear.

“I mean, let's be, let's be real, y'all. We know that Generation Z is one of the most diverse, the most diverse generation in American history," said Eskamani. "Generation Z is louder, bolder, browner, Blacker, more queer.”

Gen Z students she said won’t be silenced both at Friday’s protests and in general.

“And so when you try to dispel the history of this country, they'll go Google it. They know what's up. No wonder we have so many politicians that want to ban TikTok, you go to TikTok and folks are bringing truth to power. They're talking about injustices in this country," said Eskamani. "They're highlighting their experiences with racism, their experience with homophobia and transphobia and they’re also just being their authentic selves.”

During walkouts, students will participate in a five-minute history lesson on a banned topic and will get to enroll in an online college-level African American history course.

Learn more about the protests here.

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Danielle Prieur