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Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi

Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi is a producer at Planet Money. He's reported on how a well-intentioned chemistry professor unwittingly helped unleash a global market for synthetic drugs, and how comedians police joke theft.

He hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico, studied history at Reed College, and got his start in radio at Oregon Public Broadcasting. He previously worked with Michel Martin's team at All Things Considered, where he produced breaking news and feature stories, was in charge of film coverage, and directed the live broadcast.

At All Things Considered, Horowitz-Ghazi reported on how a national clown scare affected professional clowns, who was behind of a wave of succulent poaching on the California coastline, what happens to a musician's legacy after they die, and why his hometown burns a giant human effigy every year. He also pitched and produced " Brave New Workers," a series of profiles on people adapting to the changing economy, and has interviewed porn stars, coal miners, rock climbers, coyote hunters, cowboys, truck drivers, drone pilots, Carrie Brownstein, Werner Herzog, and George R.R. Martin, among many others. In his free time, he enjoys riding bicycles, playing squash (middlingly), and sleeping out of doors.